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Is DIY Grout Cleaning The Best Option?


If you browse the internet for DIY grout cleaning tips and tricks, you will find that there is lots of information to be found. There are articles that tell you to use a combination of items that you can find at home. There are plenty of tips made to appear as easy and simple shortcuts to cleaning your grout.

Some of these may work for minor cleaning, but there are times when the help of an expert is definitely needed. Sure, you can learn how to clean grout on your own using these online resources, but not all of them can work on specific grout problems. There are times when the usual homemade solutions aren’t enough, and you need professional cleaning solutions and equipment to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Pros of cleaning tiles and grout on your own

The obvious pro of cleaning tiles on your own is that you get to use cleaning materials using things that you likely have on hand at home. You don’t have to spend much time and money if you take the DIY route.

However, this can cause issues. Articles you can find online are often not written by experts, and may not know that some cleaners are too abrasive for certain types of tile and flooring. Additionally, if your tiles and grout are really dirty and need deep cleaning, a homemade cleaner likely isn’t enough. For hard-to-remove dirt and stains, special cleaning solutions may be required.

Another advantage of learning how to clean grout on your own is being able to choose what type of cleaner to use. This is helpful for those who like going “green” in cleaning their homes. They can choose to use products that are not only harmless to them but are also environmentally friendly. Due to the increased demand of consumers who want to clean their home in an eco-friendly way, companies have been marketing their eco-friendly cleaning products much more, so you will have a large selection of products to choose from. On the other hand, a true expert will know what the most eco-friendly and appropriate cleaners are.

Cons of DIY cleaning

If you don’t want to be down on all fours scrubbing away the dirt and grime embedded on your tile flooring, then DIY cleaning is not for you. The manual labor and effort that you have to exert is a big deterrent to learning how to clean tile grout on your own, as this option is not available to everyone, such as those with bad backs.

Another con associated with DIY grout cleaning is that it takes longer to complete the job. Depending on how dirty your grout is and what kind of cleaning agent you use, you may find yourself scrubbing for several hours or even days when you are cleaning the floor of your entire house. 

As for the cost, while the average price of DIY cleaning agents is pretty cheap, the time you spend doing this may cost you more in the long run. How much is your time worth? Would you rather hire a professional grout cleaning company to do it for you so that the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Only hire the experts

Professional tile and grout cleaning

As you can see, there are advantages to learning how to clean grout on your own. However, these can be outweighed by the disadvantages. And, you would want to get the best results, wouldn’t you? So, the best route to take is hiring the experts for the job.

However, before you hire a team of cleaners, there are things that you might need to do first to get the best service there is. 

Ask if they use “green” cleaning agents when they do their work – Some cleaning companies use chemicals that can get tough dirt out of the grout but are harsh on the environment. If you care about helping the planet, you should only go for a company that only uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment.

Ask what other services come with their tile and grout cleaning – A tile and grout cleaning company can do more than just remove dirt from your tiles. They can also offer tile and grout sealing and restoration, which is a good thing to consider if you prefer to take care of your flooring rather than replace it. 

Ask for estimates – Before you ask for the work to be done, ask them to come to your home and assess your tile cleaning needs. They can give you an estimate for the job that they have to do. This way, you have a clear understanding of what the job will entail, and they can take this time to recommend any other maintenance that you might not know your flooring needs.

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