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Common Tile And Grout Problems and How to Fix Them

Tile and grout cleaning

Tiles are incredibly durable. That’s why many homeowners prefer them as a flooring material, especially in high traffic areas. And when properly installed, they are moisture-resistant—which is why they are often placed in kitchens and bathrooms. They are also relatively easy to care for. 

However, no matter how durable tiles are, they are not impervious to wear and tear. Over time, they may start to stain or discolour. To fix this problem, you will need a good tile cleaning machine—which can be quite expensive—and a mild cleaning product that will not damage your tiles.

However, most store-bought cleaning products use harsh chemicals that can damage your tiles. This is where tile and grout cleaning services come in. They have all the right equipment and experience to make your tiles and grout look new again.

Tile and grout problems

Here are some common tile and grout problems.

Tile and grout cracking

Cracks in the grout can occur due to several causes. One common cause is that the grout was not properly packed into the gap in the tiles. Any air gap under the grout will cause it to fall and break into the gap. Another possible cause is if the material below the tiles, or the substrate, is loose. If the substrate moves when someone steps on the tile, it could potentially cause the grout—as well as the tile—to crack.

Stained, dirty, and discoloured tiles and grout

Unlike most tiles, grout is made from a porous material—so it’s not moisture resistant. Since it tends to absorb moisture, it is prone to staining. The best way to prevent this is to have your grout sealed. But even if you seal it, it is only waterproof for a limited amount of time. Eventually, you will need to have it resealed. 

You should also take note that even tiles can get stained, as not all kinds are non-porous. If you have porous tiles, make sure to have them sealed to prevent staining. But keep in mind that you should never seal non-porous tiles. If you’re not sure if your tiles are porous or not, you should seek the help of an expert. Using the wrong cleaning product on tiles, stone, and grout can cause a lot of costly damage to your home.

Cloudy tile surface

A cloudy or milky tile surface is often indicative that the wrong cleaning or sealing product was used for that certain type of tile. When this happens, make sure to seek the help of a professional tile and grout cleaner as soon as possible. This is because they use the right process and products for cleaning tiles. They also have specialised equipment, such as a tile cleaning machine.

Grout haze

They often get ignored because the moisture during the cleaning process temporarily masks the cement and latex deposits. As the tile surface dries up, the residue becomes more evident. Professional tile and grout cleaners know the best way to clean grout haze off tiles. So, make sure to call one.

Effects of dirty tile and grout to your health

The accumulation of leftover food particles and moisture can make your grout lines dirty. And if left uncleaned, they become the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This includes campylobacter, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, and even E. coli The impact of this is multiplied tenfold if you have children, pets, and elderly parents living in your home, as they are more susceptible to these kinds of bacteria. You want to make sure that the floors your children and dogs will be crawling around on are as clean and safe as possible.

Benefits of hiring professional cleaners

Cleaning tile

Here are some advantages of hiring professional floor grout cleaning services.

  • Professional cleaners are equipped with all the right tools and equipment, such as a tile cleaning machine. 
  • Professional cleaners know which cleaning product to use on different types of tiles. 
  • Professional cleaners can help restore old tiles and grout to make them look new again.
  • Professional cleaners will do all the cleaning while you relax and enjoy your weekend.
  • They can help improve the durability of your tiles by properly cleaning and sealing the tiles and grout lines.
  • Professional cleaners make sure that only the safest cleaning products are used on your tile surface. 

Cleaning tiles and grout lines are probably one of the least enjoyable household chores. In fact, it is also very time-consuming. You can avoid putting all the time and extra effort by hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner.

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