General Disclaimer:

1 – Stains – Due to factors beyond our control like age, weather, uneven wear and porosity of various surfaces, pressure and steam cleaning cannot fix wear & tear nor remove stains that have gone deep into your tiles and grout. However, we use powerful commercial grade equipment in conjunction with strong cleaners and industry best practices that will give you optimal results

2 – Sealers – Sealers are not stain proof but instead are designed to resist spillages. Under certain conditions however, all sealers will fail. These conditions are always related to the type of stain and the duration of exposure of the stain on your tile floor. It is important that any stains are cleaned off immediately, as prolonged contact increases the likelihood of permanent staining.

3 – Skirting boards – If your skirting is MDF which is not solid wood, and the painter has not painted or sealed underneath some swelling may occur. We will do everything we can to not let this happen however the cleaner needs dwell time to work properly and we can't be held responsible for situations that are beyond our control.

4 – Grout – If your grout is loose, thin, or limited, the cleaning process may dislodge it. This is unavoidable and an unintended consequence of the cleaning process. This rarely occurs but if it does a local handyman can regrout and I'd be happy to return at no cost to reseal any affected areas.