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The Importance of Sealing Grout

Many homes have tiling grout which are Cement Based grout. This type of grout is porous, which means moisture will get into it. When the water evaporates, dirt and stains remain no matter how many times you mop and clean your tiles. When stains continue to accumulate, it will redistribute itself all over the flooring and into the grout, causing your grout to be dirty and unsightly.

Protecting Your Grout for Better Health

Groutlines Filled with Clear Grout Sealer

Moisture within grout is a conducive environment for mildew and mould growth. And it is very difficult to clear it off. Prolong exposure to environment with mildew and mould is likely to cause health issues especially with children and the elderly. Constant exposure to indoor mould and mildew can lead to asthma and numerous other illnesses. 

Sealing Grout

Sealing your grout is an effective way to protect it from stains, dirt and mildew. Grout Sealer is a substance that is applied to the grout to give it a layer of water resistant protection, Grout Sealer helps:

  1. Withstand stains
  2. Resist water absorption
  3. Prevents mildew and mould to grow
  4. Prolong the looks, texture and consistency of your grout

Most Grout Sealers are water resistant and as such, they prevent water and moisture from getting into the grout. Some Grout Sealers will also have anti-fungus ingredient which prevents the mildew and mould to grow

When to Seal Grout

The ideal time to seal your grout is when you have just laid your floor tiles. This can be done after your newly laid tiles and grout have dried and cured.

For older tile floors, it is recommended that you clear away any visible mildew and mould before applying the Grout Sealer. Choose one that has anti-mildew properties to eliminate any mildew that is not visible to the naked eye.


Grout Sealer helps to protect your floor tiles and prevents health issues due to prolong exposure to mildew and moulds especially in the bathroom and kitchens. A good Grout Sealer coupled with proper cleaning method will ensure your floor tiles stay clear of stains and mildew for many years. 

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