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Kitchen Cleaning Hacks To Make It Look Like New

Make kitchen look new

Keeping your kitchen clean is no easy task. Since you use it frequently, the chance of it getting dirty is high. And the more you use your kitchen, the more dingy it can become. Over time, you will find that the once-beautiful tiles you had on your counter, backsplash, and floors now have stains and discoloration.

How can you clean your kitchen to make it look as spotless as the day you first stepped into it? Are there ways to restore your tiles to their original look? Apart from professional tile cleaning, you can get your kitchen to look almost as good as new with this list of tips and tricks.

Top kitchen cleaning hacks

To keep your kitchen clean and to restore it to the way it was, here are some helpful hacks that you should try:

Remove tile stains with grapefruit and salt

If your tiles have stains on them from food, you should try scrubbing these out with the use of grapefruit and salt. Simply cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle a liberal amount of salt on the cut part, and scrub your countertops with this. The salt serves as the abrasive here and the citric acid of fruit is said to break down any of the stains on your countertop. The result is tiles that look like they underwent professional tile cleaning.

Polish your aluminium sink and faucets with wax paper

Wax paper seems to be good for more than just keeping food from sticking on your baking pans. They can also be used to polish and stain-proof faucets as well as your kitchen sink. All you have to do is to first wash your kitchen sink and faucet using a cleanser with antibacterial properties. Next, dry it with a paper towel and with some wax paper, glossy side down, scrub the faucet, sink, and other fixtures with it.

Give your kitchen cabinets new life with a stain-removing scrub

If your kitchen cabinet doors are full of stains, don’t repaint them just yet. There is a budget-friendly way to give these a new lease on life. To get rid of stains and other messy gunk on these, mix together one part water and your favourite dishwashing liquid.

With the use of a dish brush, scrub away any dirt from your cabinets. Wipe off the soapy solution with a damp and clean dish towel then dry it off with paper towels. For stubborn dirt and stains, use a mixture of oil and baking soda. Not only will this mixture remove tough dirt on your cabinets but it will also protect it from future stains and dirt.

Remove grime and mold from your tiles with lemon and baking soda

Two lemons

Citrus and baking soda works wonders on a lot of things and your kitchen tiles are no exception. Cleaning kitchen counter tile grout is easy if you have the right mixture on hand and this is one such mixture. Just like the grapefruit trick, cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut part. Scrub your grout with this until it comes clean. For tough stains in your grout, you can sprinkle baking soda on these and squeeze lemon juice on them. Let stand before scrubbing.

Have your counter and floor tiles cleaned by experts

Sure having these life hacks handy when you need tile stains cleaner in a jiffy, but your kitchen will always benefit from professional tile cleaning if you hire a professional cleaner to help. Not only will they restore your kitchen tiles to almost new, but they can also regrout areas where the grout has thinned. 

Whether you are a landlord who needs to keep your rental property in tip-top shape or a restaurant where cleanliness from the sink to the floor tiles is key, routine maintenance on your kitchen tiles is essential. Professional tile cleaners can also help you with tips on how to maintain your kitchen tiles and can reseal these to protect them from stains.

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